July 2014

“Fighting Autism One Mile At A Time”

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September 18th - 21st , 2014. Go to www.cokertirechallenge.com for further details.

October 18th - 19th , 2014. Go to www.northeastrallyclub.com for further details.

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GREATRACE 2014 IS A DONE DEAL…and the general consensus was a great time was had by all!!!  Those that lived by the saying that “To Finish Is To Win” were truly the folks that did indeed have a great time!!!...and that was the bulk of the entrants.  From the time the green flag waved in Ogunquit, Maine to the checkered flag in the Villages, Florida, there were many, many stories to be told of the challenges, the joys and the agonies, coupled with the highs ( a good score) and the lows (a bad score, or a broken car), that were to be shared along the way!! But have no doubt, the spirit never wavered, and the desire to “do better tomorrow” prevailed.  Billed as the “Great American Adventure”, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that this was indeed just that!  For the veteran racers it was a known challenge…for the rookie entrants, it was, no doubt a mind boggling experience to be hurled into this “traveling circus” with a hundred of your now, closest friends!! And each day, as the sun set, there became a closer bond among all the racers that we are all in this together!  Just one big family, if you will!

So how did it go??? Well, for one thing, there was an unprecedented happening that the rally community had never seen before…a rally team scored a “perfect” day, which had never been accomplished in the history of the event. Barry & Irene Jason, in their 1966 Mustang set the rally world abuzz with a four leg day of 0.00…the perfect score!! Was this to be a signal of things to come??  As it turned out, yes it was!  The Jason’s went on to win the event, for the third consecutive year ( another first) . However, they were hotly contested by the Team of Jeff & Eric Fredette in their 1933 Ford, who kept the pressure on by actually leading the event for several days, albeit by just the narrowest of margins….talk about pressure!!!

The balance of the top five finishers overall were Knowles & Gentry (3rd), Graf & Bell (4th) and G &J martin (5th). All the results are on the Greatrace web site at www.greatrace.com

And to those of you who made contributions to the VCRA “Fighting Autism One Mile At A Time” charity during the course of the event, we truly appreciate your support. And we also thank the team of Jim & Louise Feeney, car #54, who also ran under the VCRA charity banner this year. As you are aware, our car #5 entry, the  VCRA team of Gardner & Hastert, had a catastrophic driveline failure which took us completely out of the competition.  We did stay on with the event, and saw it all from a different perspective than we had anticipated.

Since I had never had a DNF in 30 years of rallying, I did not really know how to act!!  A special thanks to Tommy’s Trailer’s and Reliable Carrier’s for taking our car onto Florida and home…we are eternally grateful. If you would still consider making a donation to our charity, you can go to the donation button on this page and do so…you will be making a real difference in the lives of children with autism…thank you!!

WHAT’S UP NEXT???..it’s the Coker Challenge,  Chattanooga, TN  in September 18th – 21st..…info available soon, click on this in the “schedule” section!! So get your car ready for this great fall event!!  

V C R A “ALL STARS FOR AUTISM”  rally  for 2015 ……is in the preliminary planning  stages.  Actual dates will be announced within the next three weeks as we are currently negotiating with cities/hotels ( late April or early May)  …. A cloverleaf style event, ( stay at the same hotel each night), it is now considered a “must do” event for veterans and rookies alike!!  

Always a challenging event, with new twists to make it even more fun, we guarantee you will enjoy the format as well as the logistics, the course and the amenities provided.  Hold your calendar open, and plan to be there!  If you have any doubts about coming, just ask any of the top 25 finishers in the Greatrace if they will be there…I’ll bet you get a yes!!  See you there!!