April 2014

“Fighting Autism One Mile At A Time”

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TAKE A QUICK PEEK TO THE LEFTand you’ll quickly see that there’s just a few days till the 9th Annual “All Stars For Autism” rally scheduled for April 23-27 in Springfield, Missouri. So get your entry in now so you too can join in on the fun!!!!  Over thirty entries from all across America are already signed up ( check out the entrant list under the “Future Rallies” button) and you’ll likely find the “Who’s who” of the rally world on the list!!   Not only is this the most fun rally you may ever attend, this event has also become the “To Do” rally to prepare for the Great Race as evidenced by the entries that include former world champs, just honing their skills and checking out the old car, to “raw rookie” first timers that are eager attend a “rally school” and learn the rally ropes…and there is no better place to do that than this rally!!!  Do It Now…get that entry in and secure your spot now!!!!  SEE YOU THERE!!

Click on the “Future Rallies” Button, then the “SCHEDULE” for updates…… here are some of the highlights of the event!!

*A little change from past rallies….we will have the mandatory meeting and rally school  on Thursday at the hotel…and then, through the courtesy of the Guy Mace Family, we will transit across town to the Guy Mace Museum, a private facility featuring some 60 cars, and be treated to a scrumptious,  buffet style luncheon and tour of the museum…and for you folks accustomed to rally food in the past, Guy assures me that it will not be Bar-B-Q  OR Pulled Pork!!!!  (smiley face) Then it’s off to Stage 0, the practice rally, which will have a cash winner (in the DFC class) for the team that turns in the best score, just to add a little incentive, and bragging rights!!

*Stage 1, on Friday, will take us to Clinton, Mo for a hosted luncheon and tour of theChampion Oil” plant, courtesy of David Lowe and the folks at Champion Oil.

After lunch we rally to Wheaton, Mo for a pit stop at the World Famous “Lucas Oil Speedway”..and guess what, the folks there have agreed to let us “tour” the speedway facility, which includes the track, the drag boat lake facility and the entire grounds… AND, for those that wish, take a lap around the track!!! (track conditions permitting) Now that’s worth the trip, don’t ya think???

*Stage 2, on Saturday, will take us through the rolling hills of the Ozarks, winding up in West Plains, Mo for a no-host luncheon. A full day of rallying, while still providing beautiful scenery, great rally roads and a challenging course. A true test of man and machine!!

Stage 3, on Sunday, will truly test the skills of all rally teams…. Some will describe the course as “busy”, others will have other adjectives!!! No matter, it will, no doubt, determine the team that will be awarded the “Champions” Driver & Navigator  trophy and the coveted “VCRA Champions” jacket(s). The rally will conclude at the “Awards Luncheon” and all will be on their way home by 2:00PM.

*To compliment the rally, VCRA is always looking for ways to make a rally more enjoyable.

   Here are some of the things that fill that bill:

 #Each morning you are provided a  complimentary breakfast

  #Every evening VCRA hosts its now famous “Reception”…you will enjoy this!!  

 #Cash prizes for Dash For Cash entries including “Daily” winners and “Ace” winners

  #New instruction format – to prepare you for Great Race

 #Special “Greenhorn” class to encourage first timers

 #A great hotel venue – special rates – special amenities – check out the “Fire & Ice” Bar

 #Reserved, on site parking for all tow vehicles / race cars / support

 #All entrants, support crews and family included in luncheon / reception venues

 #Super Awards Luncheon with fun for all

 #World class rally teams from all across America will be there…Do not miss this one!!!


We have had a few callsfrom folks that have an interest in this  kind of event, love old cars, and  would like to be a participant, but really have no idea of what it’s all about and what it takes to be involved. So to that end, here is a brief explanation:

A VCRA vintage car rally is best described ..as a timed endurance rally-race, based on a cloverleaf format, with a goal other than speed.  The object of the “race” is to precisely follow a set of written driving  instructions detailing each speed change, stop, start, turn and direction. Exact speeds and “perfect” drive times are allotted for each maneuver. The ultimate goal for each team is to duplicate , or match, the perfect drive times as determined by the “Rally Master” when the course is laid out. The course is measured three times to the nearest 1,000th of a mile to assure course accuracy.

A  typical day.. begins when each team picks up their instructions 45 minutes prior to their official start time. These instructions are very specific, detailing every start time, stop, turn, speed change, pit stop ( food, fuel, etc) for the entire day. Several times throughout the day the racers will be clocked at hidden checkpoints along the way with an accuracy to within one second, and relayed to scoring central so your daily score will be available when you arrive at the end of the day. Each second off schedule is a penalty point, and the lowest score wins. The perfect leg score possible is 0, or an “ACE”.

Rallying sounds difficult! Is It really? .. Simply stated..NO! It’s not that complicated. When you enter a VCRA rally , attend the included “Rally School”  and listen and learn from the other entrants, you will find it is not as complicated as you may think. As in any endeavor , you will only  get better with experience!  Simply stated, assuming you Start on Time, Stay on Speed, and Stay on Course, you will do just fine. The great thing about the folks involved in this sport, every veteran racer will help you at any time..all you gotta do is ask!

Do I need an old car to participate??.. NOPE!!  VCRA regional  (three day) events  are designed to encourage all rally teams…Veteran,

Rookie and Greenhorn(First Time Ever) rally teams, and are classed by experience levels.  As the first event of the year, this event is viewed by the Veteran teams as a perfect warm-up for the up-coming Great Race in June. For Rookies, it is a great way to have a ton of fun as well as learn from the veterans while gaining valuable experience. For the GREENHORN (First Time) rally enthusiast, this is the place to get a feel for what it is all about…a great learning experience!!! At a bargain entry fee!!!  Any year model street legal car is allowed!

How are the hotel accommodations handled??  The rally starts and ends at the host hotel each day. Parking for tow vehicles, race cars and support vehicles are complimentary, and are reserved on location for the duration of the event. The hotel reservations are made on an individual basis and are the responsibility of the entrant. Special rates and accommodations are negotiated by VCRA, and are outlined in our hotel information section.

What’s included in the entry fee?.. All logistical materials including course instructions, scoring results, timing controls, car decals, vehicle inspection, identification badges, dedicated tow (sweep), third party liability insurance, rally school, special events  such as the now famous VCRA every evening reception, all hosted lunch stops for racers, welcome luncheon, prizes, awards and end of event awards luncheon.



2014 VCRA EVENT RULES & REGULATIONS ..are posted on this web site. This abbreviated format makes it possible to make this edition applicable to all VCRA and/or VCRA sanctioned events.  All specific event information such as schedules, rally format, class designations, scoring format, awards, prizes etc will be provided on entry forms and/or event supplements prior to the event. Click on Rule Book for more Information.

RALLY CLOCKS…The “SAWTOOTH” rally clock is used by more rally champions than any other clock. We have them back in stock and have been shipping back orders for the past week..As of this moment we have 5 units left and will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Quit possibly the last ones we will have available this year!. Still only $139.00 shipped prepaid to anywhere in the US..call 918-801-2406 or e-mail rgard918@gmail.com for info.


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April 23 – 27, 2014 in Springfield, MO at the Ramada Inn & Convention Center. Click here for further details

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May 29th - June 1st  , 2014. Go to www.sugarvalleyrally.com for further details.

June 21st  - 29th , 2014. Go to www.greatrace.com for further details.

September 18th - 21st , 2014. Go to www.cokertirechallenge.com for further details.

October 18th - 19th , 2014. Go to www.northeastrallyclub.com for further details.

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