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THE 2018, 13TH ANNUAL, VCRA  “ALL STARS FOR AUTISM” VINTAGE CAR RALLY..has finalized the schedule for May 16th thru 20th, 2018 and will be returning to Joplin. Mo. The host hotel is the LaQuinta Inn & Suites Hotel ( see entry forms, hotel info, schedule below). Entries are already coming in to secure a spot, so get yours in early. The routes are being prepared now, but we can tell you that one day’s destination will be Claremore, OK. This will offer you an option to visit one of Oklahoma’s secrets..the J M Davis Arms & Historical Museum. And admission is free!!! Info will be in your entry packet, but am sure you will want to spend a little time here. We are allowing extra time for the no host lunch so you will have adequate time to enjoy.

Back to the rally…Why should you be here?  If you are a rookie team (have never been in a Great Race, Coker Challenge, Northeast Rally or VCRA rally) then you will have a special “Greenhorn” class entry option. Why do we offer this? Generally, the teams that intend on entering the current year Great Race as a rookie have no idea about “How to Rally” or “What to Expect”. As a part of this event, VCRA offers an in depth rally school that will prove invaluable to a rookie (Greenhorn) team! You will also have the opportunity to rally with, ask questions of, and be instructed by the top rally teams in the USA. We also have a “What The #### Went Wrong” class after the first day’s rally. Ask any veteran team..they will tell you…This is a “ Must Do” for any rookie team….Note:  It is also a must do for most Veteran teams also as they use this to sharpen their skills for the upcoming rally season! We will traditionally have many past Championship teams as well as the top teams from across the nation in attendance.  

The rally will consist of a short “Practice” rally, then two full days of rally competition, and then one championship half day run. The “Veteran” or experienced “Rookie” teams will generally be running in the “Dash For Cash” classes. Others may opt for the “Open Class’ as it is for those wishing to merely test their rally skills. No matter the class, you will all run the same course and be scored in the same manner.

Will you have fun??  VCRA makes sure you have a great experience…each evening we offer the now famous “hosted evening reception” to assure your pleasure. A “Welcome Luncheon” and an “Awards Luncheon” is included in the entry. VCRA pays out the largest cash prizes vs entry fee than any other rally in the country. And the hotel has committed to an excellence that they do live up to!

As we further develop the rally course, we will keep you updated. One thing is for sure…and we guarantee this…You will have fun…you will learn…and you will make lifetime friends!!!  There are no better folks on earth than then old car rally family…join us for the experience of a lifetime!!!

Stay tuned for more info…we look forward to seeing you…if you have any questions just call 918-801-2406  or e-mail anytime. GET YOUR ENTRY IN NOW!!

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2016 “RACE FOR AUTISM” CHARITY RECIPIENTS NAMED…the following organizations have been selected to receive donations from the VCRA charity annual funding program.  As photos of the presentations arrive, they will be posted on the web site.

F.A.C.T.  Virginia Beach,. VA Beach, VA                                          $7,465.00

FACT is a 501C3 non-profit organization that VCRA  has had a long time relationship with. This year’s donation will totally fund the new “Out & About” program for teens and young adults. This program allows 1 on 1 staffing for those kids on outings in the general public who do not fully understand signs of danger, have limited communication skills and may be prone to wander. I can attest that Justyce, our grandson, has benefitted greatly from similar projects that has increased his ability to function in the public forum. FACT focuses on children of veterans.

SHERWOOD CENTER   Kansas City, MO                                                $12,000.00

A 501C3 organization that has finally found new accommodations that will allow them to accept up to 25 -30 new students. VCRA will totally fund a new sensory classroom complete with equipment including sensory items, bubble panels, 10 I-Pads w/ earphones and study centers. The room will be named in honor of VCRA and called the Justyce Room.

SUNSHINE SCHOOL   Searcy, AR                                                            $10,140.00

This 501C3 non profit school continues to offer specialized education services to pre-school, K-12 and adult development. There is no cost for a student to attend this school. VCRA will purchase 10 computers, software, printers and sensory items necessary to address communication and sensory issues. This will greatly broaden the scope of educational programs available at the school.

LARNED SCHOOL DISTRICT    Larned, KS                                                  $12,645.00

This public school serves a huge territory in western Kansas that has no support programs available for children affected with autism. VCRA is providing funding that will purchase all items such as fine motor /gross motor/auditory/ tactile/

visual and outdoor equipment to fully fund a complete sensory program for children with autism.


2017 VCRA EVENT RULES & REGULATIONS ..are posted on this web site. This abbreviated format makes it possible to make this edition applicable to all VCRA and/or VCRA sanctioned events.  All specific event information such as schedules, rally format, class designations, scoring format, awards, prizes etc will be provided on entry forms and/or event supplements prior to the event. Click on Rule Book for more Information.

VCRA RALLY CLOCKS…Just received a small shipment from supplier of “Sawtooth” VCRA legal rally clocks. New price is $149.00 including shipping to anywhere in the USA. Won’t last long..may be last we get for a while!! To order simply e-mail  or call 918-801-2406 to order.


 LOOKING FOR A SPEEDO? We here at VCRA try to locate and purchase all the used speedos we can to pass on to those that are entering the sport..however, it seems with the surge of Rookie teams each year, the demand has exceeded the supply. We will continue to try to find the used ones, and, in the meantime, our good friend Bill Croker has been successful in his program of finding, and making available, used Timewise speedos. If in need, also try Bill for a speedo at .  He is the guy that initiated the “Rookie Mentor” program, so you can believe what he tells you!!

 Looking for a Rally Car???… Go and check out the classified section on our website to find your next Rally Car. Click here for classifieds

VCRA Sponsors

Sugar Valley Rally

June 1st - 3rd ,2018

Scotts Bluff, NE

2018 All “Stars For Autism” Rally

May 16th - 20th ,2018

Joplin, MO

BRANSON COLLCTOR CAR AUCTION HITS HOME RUN!!!…as Jim and Kathy Cox, auction owners, stated “This was a really good auction…for us, for the consigner,  and for the buyers!” With over 300 cars offered, there was literally “something for everyone” who had a desire to, perhaps add to their collection, or, buy an entry level classic car at a great value, or a fully restored muscle or classic car!! From a 1923 Franklin air cooled racer, or a Fronty Ford racer, to a Dodge Hell Cat..or an Aston Martin to a Crosley…or how about a REO truck??  Or how about a Chevy convertible..had more than one of each from 1951 through 1959!! A 1940 Ford convertible..or a Hemi Plymouth…Corvettes and Camaros a problem.  Nowhere else would you find this kind of offering with no less than 68 cars at no reserve.  Perhaps the finest offering in BCCA history!!! All this packed in the Hilton Convention Center in Branson, Missouri!! A great facility and a good time for all!!

However, the really cool part of the deal is this….Jim and Kathy Cox have been one of, if not the largest, supporter for the VCRA charity for over thirteen years. At each of their auctions, they hold a charity auction, which is sponsored by Summer Winds Resorts, for VCRA the evening prior to the actual auction. This time was an exceptional event in that a very special person donated a 1956 Ford Thunderbird to be sold for the charity!  This, coupled with the other great donations, and the fact that another very special person purchased that car, raised over $26,000 for the VCRA charity!!  This once again proves that there are no greater compassionate people on earth than folks in the collector car hobby!! Our sincere thanks to all that donated, to those that purchased the items, and to BCCA for making it all possible. Collectively, you will have made the lives of many, many kids with autism a whole lot better!!! Thank you!!! And God Bless You All!!  Make your plans now to attend next spring’s Branson Auction.

WHEN YOUR HOT,  YOUR HOT!!!!....and the Team of Knowles & Gentry continued their winning ways at the 2017 Coker Challenge by besting the team of Gary & Jean Ann Martin by a narrow margin for the top spot. Knowles & Gentry are the current Great Race champs and showed that that was no fluke!  To get all the results to that rally event go to for the details

CHECK OUT THE COVER OF THE OCTOBER “HEMMINGS MOTOR NEWS”..and you will find the very colorful photo of the 1932 Ford Speedster piloted by the team of Josh Hull and Trevor Stahl. This team, chosen from Ted and Mary Stahl’s “Spirit of Stahl’s” group of entries, represents the winner of the VCRA “RACE4AUTISM” contest by being the team raising the most money for the VCRA charity. Our sincere thanks to all who participated and made this our finest event ever. And many thanks to Hemmings, Jim Menneto, and Greatrace’s Jeff Stumb for their tremendous support to make this contest a barnburner success!! Also in the Hemmings article is great coverage of the entire event, photos of many of the  Great Race teams, as well as the list of the top 10 donators to the Race4Autism charity!! Thanks to you all…you have made it possible to make a huge impact on the lives of many, many kids with autism.

VCRA IS ALWAYS SEARCHING…For Autism Schools, Chapters or Programs in need. If you know of any in your area, please notify us or have them contact us. We Generally donate t 501c3, Non-Profit Organizations but are open to any in need. Thank You!

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