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2019 VCRA EVENT RULES & REGULATIONS ..are posted on this web site. This abbreviated format makes it possible to make this edition applicable to all VCRA and/or VCRA sanctioned events.  All specific event information such as schedules, rally format, class designations, scoring format, awards, prizes etc will be provided on entry forms and/or event supplements prior to the event. Click on Rule Book for more Information.

VCRA RALLY CLOCKS…Just received a small shipment from supplier of “Sawtooth” VCRA legal rally clocks. New price is $149.00 including shipping to anywhere in the USA. Won’t last long..may be last we get for a while!! To order simply e-mail  or call 918-801-2406 to order.

 LOOKING FOR A SPEEDO? We here at VCRA try to locate and purchase all the used speedos we can to pass on to those that are entering the sport..however, it seems with the surge of Rookie teams each year, the demand has exceeded the supply. We will continue to try to find the used ones, and, in the meantime, our good friend Bill Croker has been successful in his program of finding, and making available, used Timewise speedos. If in need, also try Bill for a speedo at .  He is the guy that initiated the “Rookie Mentor” program, so you can believe what he tells you!!

 Looking for a Rally Car???… Go and check out the classified section on our website to find your next Rally Car. Click here for classifieds



VCRA IS ALWAYS SEARCHING…For Autism Schools, Chapters or Programs in need. If you know of any in your area, please notify us or have them contact us. We Generally donate t 501c3, Non-Profit Organizations but are open to any in need. Thank You!

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VCRA ANNOUNCES 2018 CHARITY DONATIONS…Each year VCRA donates the proceeds of all VCRA rallies and sanctioned events, donations from each Branson Charity Auction, proceeds from the Greatrace/Hemmings Motor News supported “Race4Autism” competition and the many individual supporters and sponsors of VCRA events to selected Autism schools, programs and chapters in need. The recipients are selected based on their “needs” and immediate impact the funding will provide for the kids, and improve the school’s ability to dramatically improve and/or enhance their educational programs. This year’s donations total, we are proud to announce, is $69,100!!!  THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR TREMENDOUS SUPPORT!!!  The recipients are:

SKYUKA HALL SCHOOL…Chattanooga, TN                                        $46,575

Currently the only Chattanooga based accredited K-12 independent school completely dedicated, equipped and endorsed to provide individualized teaching and learning for students with learning disabilities. This donation will fully fund a new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program that will enable students to develop academically, spiritually and socially with confidence, courage and conviction. Currently with 97 students, future enrollment of up to 140 is possible. A 501C3 organization.

UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT #308…. Hutchinson, KS                           $13,965

As a public school, USD 308 has gone above and beyond to support students with disabilities. One of those services includes six C.S.S  (Communication and Social Skills) classrooms, who use the structured teaching approach to support the Autism Spectrum kids. This funding will provide the purchase of two complete Edmark Reading Program Kits. These kits will be used in the special needs classes throughout the district.

PATHS TO INDEPENDENCE… Bartlesville, OK                                          $4,560

Now with an enrollment of 52, serving kids  K- 21 years of age, the school continues to grow. With that growth comes the need for additional equipment.  As a continued commitment to PTI, this funding will provide for the purchase of 8 i-Pads and two i-pad lockers. The school provides instruction in all academic areas including communications, social skills, recreation and independent living.  A 501C3 organization.

F.A.C.T…… Virginia Beach, VA                                                                    $4,000

Founded in 1993, FACT ‘s mission is to improve the quality of life for kids with autism, with a special focus on veteran’s families. This donation will fully fund a much needed “Performing Arts” Program.  A 501C3 organization.


2019 Coker Tire Challenge

Sept. 19th - 22nd , 2019

Chattanooga, TN

2019 “RACE4AUTISM” RAFFLE A HUGE SUCCESS… with the collaboration of HEMMINGS MOTOR NEWS, GREATRACE and VCRA, the 2019 “R4A” kicked off in Riverside, CA during Greatrace registration. With the triple whammy grand prize of “Your Car’s Picture on the cover of HMN”, Corporate entry in the 2020 Greatrace, and entry in the 2020 “All Stars For Autism” rally, the ticket sales were brisk. Then, during the rally, there were many, many folks that decided it was time to buy more tickets! However, there was that group of folks that waited till one hour before the Greatrace Awards Ceremony in Tacoma, Wa to pull out all the stops!

To sum it up, the total raised for charity was a little over $54,500 which included the annual auction of a Reliable Model Transport donated by Reliable. Our sincere thanks to Greatrace,  Hemmings, Coker Tire, Reliable and all of you who support our charity efforts. You have made a significant, positive impact on the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of kids in need.  And who was the lucky winner???  Brad Epple out of Jefferson City, MO (1916 Hudson Indy Car) had the winning ticket.  “Congratulations” Brad & Dan!!! See you on the cover of HMN!!!!

THE 2019 GREATRACE…started with and bang, and ended with a blast!! Nine days and 2,300 miles (Riverside, Ca to Tacoma, Wa) of rallying coupled with awesome sights, generally great weather (if you consider going from 85 degrees to 31 degrees and back to 70 degrees in a day – Crater Lake comes to mind) or going from 530 feet of elevation to 8,000 feet, then back to 700 feet that had some of the competitors wondering if their cars were lacking horsepower or what!!  No matter the “what if’s”, it was a general feeling that all was well in the old car rally world…and to the victor goes the spoils..and here they are by class:

X-Cup winners – Murfeesboro Tn,

Rookie – Horne & Roemer

Sportsman –Myerscough & Chatraw

Expert – Olivia & Genna Gentry

Grand Champion (now three time) Howard & Doug Sharp

CONGRATULATIONS to you winners, and to all the competitors who once again proved that, in fact, “To Finish Is To Win”. For all the details go to and get a day by day, picture by picture recap of all the happenings, and how your favorite team did by class and in the overall standings!!

VCRA ENTRY #35(Gardner & Hastert) how did you do, you ask? Obviously not as well as planned! Was it the car? The driver? The navigator? Uhh, a little of each I would say. We did fairly well considering that Kolton and I had not been in the car (with the exception of one day in early June in Grove) since 2017 GR. We did have some things go wrong (Murphy must have been in the rumble seat) that, in all my 20 some odd years of Great Racing, had never occurred. For example, day one, we are happily going down the road when Kolton says “Hey, is that voltmeter supposed to be on 6?” Ooops! Glad we had an extra alternator. Put that one on and sent our crack support crew, Terry Howard, on the hunt for a replacement. Now remember, we were in remove and replace an alternator pulley there costs $59.50!! Thank you very much! OK, now we got it all under control. Day three…coming into the finish gate..everyone brought to our attention that the right rear tire was really low.  Flat would be a more accurate description!  That has not happened since 1987!!

Then it seemed things begin to level out, and we were kind’a getting back in the swing of things. Day six..down the road we go when a little “bang”… hit something in the road and tore the speedo cable nearly off…the speedo spins around and around for a bit, then said “I Quit”! Kind’a hard to rally without a speedo!! OK, that surely is the end of the bad luck…not so fast there, bucko! Last day..pull up to a stop, take off, and the old Ford said “Pop, Bang!” and just flat quit! My mind said “COIL” we jump out, tape a new coil to the radiator hose, hook it up, and away we go. That took about seven minutes. Someday we will tell you the rest of that story, but we did catch up, well almost! Darn it!

Did we have fun? Yes! Did we do as well as we wanted? No! Did we find every Chinese restaurant between Riverside and Tacoma? I believe we did!! Did we make new friends and renew old friendships? Yes! Kind’a cool to be able to have that much fun with your grandson!  And one other thing that really made my day!  Somehow, for some reason, Greatrace elected to present me the greatest trophy that Greatrace offers…the “SPIRIT OF THE EVENT” award.  I am deeply humbled and honored to be included along with the others that have received that in the past! Couple that with “reaching our goal” in the Race4Autism, and this was indeed a Great Race!! Thank you all very are indeed special folks!!