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2012 All Stars for Autism Donations

VCRA made direct donations of $59,000 plus another $10,000 earmarked for a future “adult” learning center/home for children with autism reaching adulthood for a grand total of $69,000. We also want to thank those folks that accepted the role of official VCRA representatives, and took the time to attend the presentation ceremonies at the following autism programs.

Joe Corriea, acting VCRA representative, is shown presenting a check for $16,000 to Pam Clendenen, executive director of FACT (Families of Autistic Children of Tidewater) in Virginia Beach, VA.  FACT is a 501C3 non- profit organization who’s mission is to provide social and recreational programs specifically for students with autism spectrum disorders. The funds are designated to purchase 12 i-Pads to assist non-verbal students, a fifteen passenger van to transport students during the seasonal camp program and the balance for scholarships/ camp tuition to children of military families with financial needs. This program was brought to our attention by Joe, a long time friend of VCRA.

Bryan and Ian Deering, acting VCRA representatives, are shown presenting a check in the amount of $13,000 to Pam Fry and Joe Murphy, of the Huron Learning Center in Bad Axe, MI. The Center has 21 students with autism, who have severe communication deficits, and many more students with a variety disabilities.  The funds are designated to purchase 21 i-Pads with cases and 1 Smart Board with necessary accessories. This will provide students with access to assistive reading apps, mathematic apps, and many daily living apps to provide students with a unique education to become as independent as possible. The Deerings are also 2012 Great Race Rookie winners and they mentioned this Center to us during the Great Race.

Ron and Jane Bowerman, acting VCRA representatives, at the presentation of a $15,000 donation to Mary Walters, Director of the Autism Model School, a 501C3 organization, in Toledo, Ohio.  The Autism Model School currently serves 110 students with autism.  The funds are designated to be used to purchase 25  i-Pads and TeachTown Educational Software Licenses. This will greatly improve language and reading development and provide a tool for learning the practical skills of waiting, telling  time, focus on tasks and alternative communication devices.  The Bowerman’s contacted us during the Great Race  and reviewed the School’s mission and needs with us.

Rex and Judy Gardner, founder/director VCRA  and Justyce Gardner, VCRA poster boy, along with long time VCRA staff members Eddie Kreig and Bill Erickson on hand to present a check in the amount of $15,000 to staff members of the Sherwood Center in Kansas City, Missouri. The Center currently has around 55 children, serving the entire Kansas City area, with a primary goal to empower children with autism and related developmental disabilities to maximize their potential in family and community life. The funds are dedicated to purchase 10 i-Pads with accessories as well as much needed Sensory Room equipment. Jessica Marsh, Community Relations Coordinator at the Center, has actually attended one of our rallies, and reviewed the Center’s mission with us.