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“ How to ”

A Resource Page


Car and Driver Calibration for Rookies

By Bill Loubiere

"Navigators! Here is where you start. Bill Loubiere is not only a top notch racer but he also wants the Rookie Racers to turn in good times on their very first Rally. Follow his recipe to characterize your car and driver and you can be competitive at your first rally! Just click on whichever format you prefer below:

Car and Driver Calibration for Rookies (MS Word)      Car and Driver Calibration for Rookies (PDF)

Vintage Car Rallying: Motorsport for Old Cars

By Steve and Janet Hedke

A real insight from people that know, first hand, the real fun in the sport of Vintage Car Rallies.

Vintage Car Rallying: Motorsport for Old Cars (PDF Format)

General Rally Instructions

By Northeast Car Club

Our Friends at the Northeast Rally Club put this Acrobat file together as part of their instructions for one of their events. The rules are never exactly the same from one rally to another, but there is a lot of real good information here. (See their Website by clicking on their name just above)

General Rally Instructions (PDF Format)

Bill Secrest’s Secret Stuff for Rookies

By Bill Secrest

Here is the inside story from another World Class Racer - Bill Secrest. He titles his work "Secret Stuff for Rookies"

Bill Secrest’s Secret Stuff for Rookies (PDF Format)


After reading, and trying to absorb all the information packed in the above information, we are pretty sure you may still have questions. You need to know one thing for sure... “There are racers that have made mistakes, and there are those that are going to make mistakes!!!” The nature of the sport is that a mistake is going to happen. However, do not be discouraged...the key to a successful rally score is as “simple as the three P’s”... Preperation of your method of rallying, and Practice till you know your car and your method really well, and  Perseverance (described as a lot of practice) If we can help in any way, please contact us anytime. We certainly do not know all the answers, but we possible can get you on the right track.

E-mail rgard918@gmail.com or call us at (918) 801-2406.

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